New Canton is the first expansion to Brass Empire: a strategic deckbuilding card game of corporate espionage. The main game can be learned in just a few minutes, but has a tremendous amount of depth and different paths to victory. This expansion focuses on 5 different characters in an epic story of greed, corruption, love and tragedy.

Unlike most card game expansions, Brass Empire: New Canton tells a story through it’s 12+ hour campaign. Like other campaign and legacy games, you will be changing the rules, unlocking cards, customizing decks and progressing through a unique character’s story between every match. You will even be deckbuilding between games – permanently changing your starting deck for future matches. You will never destroy any components and can enjoy playing the campaign again and again from different characters’ perspectives (though there will be less surprises on subsequent campaigns). When the campaign is over, all of the cards you unlocked can be added to the original Brass Empire like a traditional card game expansion. This is a very ambitious and unique take on an expansion that improves the original game and drastically expands on the lore of Cobalt.

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