We love to work with retailers from all around the world directly and would be happy to discuss our retail options with you. If you are a retailer and are interested in our Kickstarters, Preorders and all the newest released games from Rock Manor Games, please sign up for our Retailer newsletter below.

Direct Ordering Retailer Wholesale Portals

If you use Shopify, you can integrate/sell our products for free using our retailer portal:


You can also order games directly from us using our FAIRE retailer portal:


We like to support game stores around the world by offering the special Kickstarter versions of the game to retailers during our Kickstarter campaigns. We treat retailer backers just like other backers in that they receive their rewards before we release regular retail games into distribution.

Here is a map of just some of the stores that carry our games!

If you already carry our games and want to be added to our FLGS locator, fill out this form.

Tabletop Tycoon Distribution

You can also visit https://www.tabletoptycoon.com/pages/wholesale for more information on getting our games through Distribution channels.