Rock Manor Games is a small independent game publisher founded and run by myself (Mike Gnade) as a creative outlet for all my game projects, prototypes, and ideas. It wouldn’t be possible without the support of a bunch of talented independent contractors, artists, game designers, volunteers, and fans. Based in Wilmington, DE and distributed worldwide, Rock Manor Games’ brands include Maximum Apocalypse, Set a Watch, and Brass Empire.

Why Rock Manor?

The short answer is that I grew up on Rock Manor Avenue, but the deeper reason is that my time at that particular house during that portion of my life really instilled in me a sense of creativity and wonder.  Back in the 1980s, I was drawing up collectible superhero cards based on my pets before creating an actual fantasy card game out of note cards that was sort of like Magic: The Gathering.  This lead into some early video game development with Klik and Play before moving across the country twice and starting High School.

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