If you’re interested in playing through Maximum Apocalypse’s missions as a campaign, you can download the Campaign Mission Tracker below as a PDF download. This sheet is used to play through Maximum Apocalypses missions with some campaign elements. You will print one of these out for each campaign.

We recommend using the monster spawn bag for campaigns. You should start the campaign with all the numbered tokens in the bag, no ambush tokens and all of the safe tokens.

You can attempt to play the missions sequentially or in any order that you wish. If it’s your first game in a certain apocalypse, follow the setup instructions on the mission card. If this is not your first game, you should setup the mission as normal but then players will draw monster cards based on the remaining monsters from their previous mission in that apocalypse (i.e. if you finish the first zombie mission but had 4 zombies attached to the players at the end of the game, players will take turns drawing 4 monster cards during setup for the next zombie mission).

After you complete your mission you will record each character’s remaining health, whether you Won or Lost and how many monster cards were remaining at the end of the game.

If you did not play with a character this game and they are not at full health, you can restore 8 health for them resting during this mission. Relying on the same survivors repeatedly is extremely risky because once a Survivor dies, you can no longer use them in the campaign!

If you won the current mission, you must remove a Safe token or add an Ambush token to the bag. If you lost the current mission, you can add a Safe token or remove an Ambush token from the bag.