Merchants of Magick is a crunchy roll and write game where you take on the role of a magical merchant vying to earn the most coin by crafting items and researching spells to create magically enchanted items and sell them to the mighty Adventurers defending the realm.

In the base game, four polyhedral dice are rolled each round, then each player selects two of these dice to craft items or research enchantments for their shoppe. Customers travel from shoppe to shoppe, so you will need to stock the exact combination of item and enchantment on the order cards in front of you. If a shoppe can’t sell an item a customer needs in a timely manner, they will become impatient and visit the competitor next door!

Reserve Orders

Dangerous Business adds variety to the game through several modular expansions. Monsters are at the gates and each Merchant is hoping that they can equip their sponsored Adventurer with enough items and equipment to fend off the Horde of creatures. Dangerous Business replaces sponsored Adventurer cards with new Adventurer boards.  As you craft new items, your Adventurer’s prowess in battle will increase. Once it exceeds a monster’s health, you can defeat the creatures to set up powerful combos.

New Advertise Phase

Dangerous Business also adds a new phase to the game where players pick an action: Brewing more potions, advertising to a central pool of customers, stealing them from your opponents, or grabbing potion recipes that provide new powerful abilities.

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