Maximum Apocalypse: Wasted Wilds is the much anticipated continuation of the hit cooperative roguelike game series. It features the same compelling survival gameplay but adds two distinct campaigns with a lot of new twists around exposure to the elements and interactions with other survivors. 

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Wasted Wilds can be played as a stand-alone 1-4 player campaign, or combined with the contents of any other Maximum Apocalypse game or expansion to support up to 6 players.  Survivors from Maximum Apocalypse, Kaiju Rising, Gothic Horrors and Jurassic Perils are all fully playable in this game. Plus any of the new survivors from Wasted Wilds can be played in the other Maximum Apocalypse games as well!

If you’re unfamiliar with Maximum Apocalypse, it is a cooperative roguelike game filled with adventure, exploration, survival and strategic choices. It was built from the ground up to be very modular and infinitely replayable.  Maximum Apocalypse has inspired a Role Playing Game and spawned numerous expansions featuring everything from Bugs, C’thulhu and Kaiju. There is a vast wasteland out there to explore and Wasted Wilds has been designed as the perfect starting point! The Frozen Wilds campaign walks players through a mission by mission tutorial that will ease new players into the experience.

Wasted Wilds features a brand new set of survivors with all new skills and mechanics, along with new apocalypses, enemies and two distinct campaigns.  Here is a quick rundown of what’s new in Wasted Wilds:

  •  The Driver is an impulsive ex-stuntwoman who relies on her adrenaline to get her through tough situations.  She comes with her own custom car that can mow down enemies and can even move the Van tile for easier escapes.
  •  The Chef is a support class who uses his knowledge of the kitchen to aid his fellow survivors.  He focuses on staving off hunger and is deadly with his many knives.
  •  The Contractor is a strong warrior with a big appetite.  His innate ability allows him to build barricades which prevent future monster spawns.
  •  The Thief is a stealthy rogue who evades danger and strikes from the shadows.  She grows in strength as she makes her way through her 50 card survivor deck, setting up crucial assassinations.

The Frozen Wilds & Scorched Wasteland

Wasted Wilds focuses on the environmental impact of apocalyptic events such as Nuclear Winter and Global Warming.  There are two distinct campaigns: The Frozen Wilds and Scorched Wasteland, that task players with surviving many different types of apocalypses, monsters and events as you progress through each campaign.  Our Mission Book and Learn to Play guide makes learning the game and its new mechanics easy for new and old players alike.  Each mission explains setup, shows example map layouts, lists each objective and how to escape with your life:

Our Learn to Play Guide simplifies the rule set and eases players into the experience. As you progress through the Frozen Wilds campaign, you will slowly be introduced to new game mechanics and threats such as exposure to elements, parlaying with other tribes of human survivors, monster tokens moving during the day and night effects.

Time is Against You!

Wasted Wilds organizes its new mechanics into a Clock board.  Time is always ticking along in Wasted Wilds. Every turn advances the clock, but rolling a ‘7’ increases the passage of time and might trigger Exposure or another effect!

Exposure: Survivors will be facing extreme conditions and will need to stay inside to avoid exposure to the elements.  Survivors that are exposed (located on outdoor tiles) will draw negative status effects from the Exposure deck. It might start off as frostnip, but can grow into pneumonia or worse.  The Exposure deck allows us to introduce apocalyptic dangers outside of the traditional monster deck.

Don’t get stuck outdoors when Exposure strikes

Day/Night: Day and Night effects were introduced in the Gothic Horrors expansion. During the day, monster tokens move around the map.   When Night falls, events trigger that will help or hinder your progress.

Parlay with NPCs to get them on your side

Tribes: The biggest enemy that you will face in Wasted Wilds is humanity itself.  Groups of survivors have created their own tribes.  These enemies are more complex than your standard apocalyptic monsters, you can parlay with them and trade items to turn their opposition into an alliance.

Streamlined Setup

Everything in Wasted Wilds aims to get players into the game quicker. All of the hard-to-organize map tiles have been streamlined into a “scorched” and “frozen” set that you can easily keep separate and store between missions using our storage system. There’s no need to search through all the map tiles to get the right set for a mission any longer.

This is also true for the Scavenge Decks.  The Red, Green and Blue scavenge decks are the same for every mission in Wasted Wilds.  We’ve made sure that every scavenge card features a colored icon indicating which deck it belongs to so that you can easily sort them. Each Scavenge deck can then be stored in the correct storage tray between play sessions for faster setup.

  • Board Game: Roguelike Survival Adventure
  • Players: 1-4
  • Time: 60-90 minutes
  • Age: 14+

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