Conventions Wrap-Up

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I am officially catching up and getting back to designing and business-y things after some busy weeks at some amazing conventions.  First up was PAX West (previously known as Prime) in Seattle.  It was my first time as a Tabletop Co-op member.  The Co-op and everyone involved in that group is just amazing.  The camaraderie and fun that we all had together was one of the truly special things of the week.  That being said, we were all there to demo and sell games and while our room traffic wasn’t the same as the expo hall showroom, I do feel like I connected with a lot of the players who will hopefully support the games that we are currently developing.  We had an amazing group of guys who demoed at 6pm and then won 3 prizes at Trivia night at 7pm and then hung out with us all night until we closed the room at midnight.  It was a ton of fun!

Brett and Paul became regulars in the last few days of PAX and were one of the few people that demoed the current Maximum Apocalypse prototype during the convention.  I got some great feedback and am dedicated to getting everything just right.

This past weekend, I drove up to Boston for BostonFIG.  It was an amazing con for us.  We sold a ton of copies and constantly had two games of Brass Empire going which was great.  Brass Empire was also lucky enough to be nominated as one of three finalists for “Most Dynamic Game” at the Figgie awards, but unfortunately did not come up with the win.

Tweets like this are what really make it all worth it though! Conventions are fun, but it’s nice to be back home and have some free weekends in the fall.  It’s also great to be back to designing and playing with some new game ideas that struck me as I was travelling.  All the best and thank you to everyone that I met these past few weeks!

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