Brass Empire is Sold Out

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Last night we received word that Brass Empire is completely sold out through HitPointSales. That means their warehouse is empty and that the last few copies of the first edition are the ones that I have sitting in my garage that I will be bringing to MagFest. This is sad news to anyone that doesn’t have a copy but great news for us here. Don’t fret though, we are hard at work on putting together a Kickstarter early next year for our next game and an expansion for Brass Empire. We hope to tie in a 2nd print run of the game into both of these new ventures.

In the meantime:

Thanks for an amazing 2016!

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  1. Jp

    I saw that there’s going to be an expansion for Brass Empire. Any timeline on that yet?


    • mike

      Best Case Scenario: We may do another Kickstarter at the end of this year (Nov/Dec) for it. The artist has been slow so I really need to check in and see where he’s at. The good news is that a lot of the design work is done – we just need to finish up the art production and playtest everything a bit more for balance.

  2. Justin

    Looking forward to the expansion. I love the playmat, glad I purchased it with the game at MagFest this year. Great game Mike! Thanks!

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