Gothic Horrors is coming to Kickstarter March 27th!

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Gothic Horrors is currently wrapping up Art Production on the last few cards. The Kickstarter page is nearly complete and we’re ready to launch on the morning of March 27th! I’m really excited for everyone to start slicing up Vampires with the Ronin and blessing survivors with the Priest, but this campaign will also be a great chance for all the folks who email me about the playmats to finally get a play mat!  As always we have some great promo and stretch goal content waiting in the wings… there are actually quite a few easter eggs that preview some of what’s in store.

If you love the original game or are just excited for the expansion, please feel free to leave feedback or praise on the preview page. We certainly don’t shy away from great feedback and may quote your praise throughout the page.

We also have a revised Kickstarter trailer to show off the expansion content:

I hope everyone is looking forward to it as much as I am! I figured I had to post about this now or it’d get lost in the shuffle as I head down to Unpub 8 and then have the Kickstarter campaign and then am off to PAX East 2018.  I also took the time to update the website today with a lot of links and information on the games that we have currently in production etc.

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  1. Jeffrey Potter

    Will there be dividers for the Kaiju Expansion included with this box? Or possibly as a stretch goal?

    • mike

      Great question… yeah if you take a look at the kickstarter page you will see that dividers for the Kaiju Expansion and the Jurassic Perils expansion will be included in the Gothic Horrors box out of the gate.

  2. Christi K

    Wait! What’s the Jurassic Perils expansion? How can I get that one?

  3. Jb Lécaillon

    Hi, shipping in two waves is possible ? first maximum apocalypse in 2018 and after expansion in 2019 ? Thanks

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