Our store is Restocked!

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I am happy to report that we have final inventory counts after fulfilling the Gothic Horrors Kickstarter and everything is back in stock! The core game and playmats are the items that have the smallest quantities remaining so be sure to grab the things you’re missing at https://rockmanorgames.com/shop/!

Games and Future Projects

We’re working on a ton of stuff here at Rock Manor Games! I’m excited and thankful to be collaborating with so many other talented designers and people while still working on my own designs.  If you missed out on the Set a Watch Kickstarter, you can now preorder the English version from our website.  I thought it would be nice to visually show everything that is active in our pipeline.  Keep in mind that we don’t take games to Kickstarter until we believe they are ready so this is more of a snapshot of what we’re working on then a release schedule.

That’s it for now! Remember that you can always check out our convention schedule and upcoming events over on Facebook.  We love meeting fans at events and showing off the new things we’re working on.

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    • Mike

      It should hit stores in July/August of this year after Kickstarter fulfillment is completed.

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