The Few and Cursed is Live on Kickstarter

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I almost always forget to update the website with our Kickstarter announcements, but luckily I’ve been using a checklist these past few times. It’s always a busy busy morning when you launch a Kickstarter and this morning was no different. We were literally uploading and processing the video minutes before our scheduled launch. The videographer’s computer kept crashing during the export last night… so that was no fun. Here’s some more info about the game.

The Few and Cursed is currently LIVE on Kickstarter thru June 27thThe Few and Cursed is a competitive action adventure where 1 to 4 Curse Chasers must explore the desert of the Pacific Ocean and fight their way through gangs, capture the biggest bounties, defeat monsters, complete jobs, and discover supernatural artifacts on their path to fame or infamy.  

Based on The Few and Cursed comic book series by Felipe Cagno and Fabiano Neves, the board game expands on the lore of the comics and brings its characters and creatures to life with amazing miniatures!  You can get the game with a pledge for only $59 or the Deluxe version for $79.

I hope you’ll back it and spread the word. Thanks so much for supporting us here at Rock Manor Games!

Summer News

Set a Watch is through the Panama canal and should be arriving at port this week.  We fully expect to deliver this Kickstarter by July 2019 to our backers (months early!).  We expect the game to be in stores in August of 2019.  You can still preorder the game via our website.

Origins 2019
If you’re going to Origins in Columbus next week, we will be there but will not have a booth. We are running a ton of events so we look forward to sitting down with folks in a more intimate setting where you can give us feedback on our upcoming games. If you visit this event page and filter by Publisher: Rock Manor Games, you should be able to see all our events. We look forward to seeing you there.

GenCon 2019
If you’re going to GenCon, we will be there selling Set a Watch and also have a bunch of scheduled events where you can try out some of our upcoming games.  Click here to see our GenCon Events.

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