Wasted Wilds – January Update

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This post originally appeared on the Wasted Wilds Kickstarter project and is reposted here so that fans can keep up to date with Rock Manor Games projects.

I’m happy to report that fulfillment has begun and some lucky people in Asia have already started to receive their games. Before I get into the status of each region, I wanted to share a support form that everyone will be able to use for the remainder of this Kickstarter for any customer support issues that you run into:

We really want to push everyone to use the form, but if you need to reach out to us directly you can email support at rockmanorgames or send us a message on Kickstarter.

***IMPORTANT*** Pledge Manager is LOCKED

We have completely locked the pledge manager which means that anyone who did not complete their pledge and pay for shipping is now considered a ‘straggler’. Stragglers will have to wait until AFTER the main fulfillment has completed at which time, we will be able to work on getting your shipping paid and address issues around your pledge. The vast majority of you are unaffected by this. Unfortunately, backers that didn’t pay attention to updates and never got around to completing the survey in Backerkit and paying shipping are the ones that will be affected.  If you are affected, please be patient and keep an eye out for future updates announcing Fulfillment is complete.

Fulfillment Progress

Here is a quick overview of each region’s fulfillment progress.  If you have not received a shipping notification, please do not panic.  Until we post an update stating Fulfillment is complete in that region, shipments are still in progress.

Asia: In Progress

VFI has started fulfilling to Asian backers and some of them have already started receiving their packages. 

Australia / New Zealand: Starting Soon

We have received confirmation that games were enroute to Aetherworks before the Christmas holiday  and expect to get in queue and get a clear starting date this month.  Aetherworks does a great job of posting weekly updates on their Facebook page, so you may want to follow there as well.

North America: ETA EARLY FEB

The MSC BEATRICE has all of our games for North America onboard and is expected to reach port later this week on January 11th.  Keep in mind that after the games arrive, they still need to be unloaded, clear customs, and shipped to Miniature Market’s fulfillment center in St. Louis.  Typically, that whole process takes about 2 weeks and then it’s a matter of when Miniature Market can schedule the packing/shipping.


GamesQuest advised us that shipping to their German warehouse could result in major issues, so we took their advice and bundled the entire shipment to their UK warehouse.  Everything for Europe will be fulfilled through their hub there.  Backers should still expect “friendly” shipping in the EU using GamesQuest shipping process from the UK. 

Set a Watch: Forsaken Isles & Doomed Run

Last but not least, just a quick mention that our next Kickstarter launches next month:

If you’re unfamiliar with Set a Watch, it is another one of our cooperative game series and features a tower defense style combat puzzle that must be solved by using the dice and abilities of classic fantasy adventurers.  This Kickstarter represents the finale of the trilogy of standalone games coupled with a new replayable campaign mode. We’d love to have you sign-up to be notified when it launches.

Happy New Year!

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