Few and Cursed RPG – March Update

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This post originally appeared on the Few and Cursed Roleplaying Game Kickstarter page and is reposted here so that fans can keep up to date with Rock Manor Games projects.

At the buzzer, here’s our March update… sorry for the delay but we’ve been busy with great progress this month.

Game Progress

Here’s the full page mashup illustration that Gustav did for Maximum Apocalypse colliding with the Few and Cursed

The good news is that we finished doing our first draft of a layout of the book just a few days ago.  That current draft is 189 pages so we’re looking at a final book around 200 pages when all is said and done.  After Scott and I edit out and fix all the major glaring issues, we will look to get you guys a PDF of our next draft via DrivethruRPG.  I guess the sort of bad news is that printing pricing in the USA/North America is terrible right now, so we’re likely going to use Felipe’s comic book printer overseas.  We also feel like we need 2 pieces of art for two of the new cursed creatures that were invented for the extra scenarios/modules in the book.  These things may lead to a small delay, but again we plan to get you at least a draft PDF very soon so you can all start perusing it at your leisure.  All of this to say, I’m holding off on posting another estimated timeline for another month.

Enjoy the weekend!

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