Forsaken Isles & Doomed Run – December Update

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This post originally appeared on the Forsaken Isles and Doomed Run Kickstarter page and is reposted here so that fans can keep up to date with Rock Manor Games projects. Late Pledges are closed, but we encourage you to sign-up for our newsletter to be notified when preorders open up.

Game Progress

We’ve had a bit of a two steps forward, one step back this week.  We received final production copy of the game this week and the good news is that the top tray has been corrected, carton marks has been made and almost everything is approved.  

New Top Tray approved!

The bad news is that the bottom tray was unilaterally changed at the factory…despite us approving the previous preproduction version!

The factory added a bump and wall to the bottom tray… The bump causes the cards to be a mess and is an Epic FAIL

Yesterday, I had a video call with our project manager and expressed my frustration. Not the type of calls I want to setup the week before Christmas… but I believe that we are on the same page now.  The good news is that fixing this is only going to add ~5 days to the timeline (completion on Jan 10th instead of Jan 5th).  

After the holidays, I’ll be back with some videos on how to organize your Doomed Run box and set it up to play Realm 1.  I’ll work on a Realm 1 playthrough video as well, so you’ll have those videos to look forward to next month.

Estimated Timeline

We are on track to still get you these games in Q1 2024, but we may slip into early April 2024.  The Pledge Manager should still allow you to change your address if you need to adjust it, but is otherwise locked.  Address changes will lock during Ocean Freight.

  • January 10th, 2024: Production Completion date
  • January – February 2024: Freight Window
  • March – April 2024: Fulfillment Window

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to everyone! I hope you all get a chance to play some great new games this new year (I can think of at least 1 that you backed that should be epic 😏)As always, feel free to connect with us on social media or discord.

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