Forsaken Isles & Doomed Run – January Update

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This post originally appeared on the Forsaken Isles and Doomed Run Kickstarter page and is reposted here so that fans can keep up to date with Rock Manor Games projects. Late Pledges are closed, but we encourage you to sign-up for our newsletter to be notified when preorders open up.

Game Progress

The factory has confirmed the current mass production situation is as follows:

  • Doomed Run: Completed
  • Forsaken Isles: will be completed on January 22
  • SotC: will be completed on January 20
  • Set a Watch, Metal Coins, Cloth Play Mat and Outriders: Completed

We have already started arranging Freight and are confirming our packing list to each region.  Like many of our most recent projects, we will be sending stuff to Miniature Market in the USA, GamesQuest for the UK/EU, and VFI which will disperse games to various hubs throughout Asia, Australia and New Zealand.   That means, we on track to get you these games end of Q1/early Q2.  

  • January 22nd, 2024: Production Completion date
  • February – March 2024: Freight Window
  • March – May 2024: Fulfillment Window

It’s a bit early, but I recently published a video outlining how to organize your box and store your entire Set a Watch collection in the Doomed Run box.  Before you ask: yes, there is plenty of room for sleeving.

YouTube player

I plan on posting some additional Set a Watch videos about setting up a new Run starting at Realm 1 and then proceeding to some how to play videos, so if you want to subscribe to keep up to date that’s always very appreciated.

Addresses LOCKING!

Addresses will LOCK in 1 week on Gamefound on January 24th! That means any final cancellation requests and/or changes to address MUST take place by January 24th.  If you need help changing your address on Gamefound (specifically the state in the USA), open a ticket at

Doomed Run Narration

Here’s a neat surprise.  Inside Doomed Run, you will find a flyer to a professional audio narration of the campaign by Forteller:

This is something that came together after GenCon and we were able to slip something inside the box just in time.  You will have to pay a few bucks for it when it goes live on their site, but it’s a cool extra we thought many of you may enjoy at your game nights.

In other News

It’s a New Year and there are a lot of exciting things we’re looking to do here at Rock Manor Games this year.  First and foremost is that our big Sci-Fi series will be coming to crowdfunding in 2024, starting with StarDriven Gateway.

Click here for more info on the game

One of our big New Years resolutions and goals is to connect with our community more, so we will be live streaming and conducting online playtests once a month this year. Online playtesting will occur the 2nd Thursday of every month at 9pm EST on our Discord server. We already had a great 4 player game of Gateway last week! You can join regularly or just pop in once in awhile. All are welcome to listen, play, watch, and participate in these playtests. No pressure.

Live Streams

On the third Thursday of each month at 1PM EST, I’m going to live stream and have open office hours to discuss what we have in development, answer any community questions, and live stream board games. If you’re interested in following along with these streams, be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel. If you can’t watch live, all the videos will be available VOD afterwards.  Our first stream is tomorrow at 1PM EST!

YouTube player

Thanks for sticking with this update.  It ended up being longer than intended.  If there are any topics you’re interested in me covering tomorrow on stream, please let me know in the comments or ask me live tomorrow.

All the best!

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