Forsaken Isles & Doomed Run – April(ish) Update

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This post originally appeared on the Forsaken Isles and Doomed Run Kickstarter page and is reposted here so that fans can keep up to date with Rock Manor Games projects. These games are now available on our webstore in limited quantities.

The games have landed (in North America) and arrived at our USA hub (Miniature Market)! Our goal is to get them headed out the door asap so they can arrive on your doorstep.  When your games do inevitably arrive, you’ll notice a QR code in Doomed Run that links to a bunch of resources… more on that below.

Fulfillment by Region

Here’s a quick overview of each region’s fulfillment progress/timeline.  Please remember that delays can still occur and we do not have full control over when hubs start shipping to backers from their facilities.


  • Freight Arrived at Warehouse
  • Fulfillment -> April
  • Fulfillment completed -> May


  • Track on GQ Blog
  • Freight ETA April 20th aboard CMA CGM TROCADERO
  • Fulfillment -> May
  • Fulfillment completed -> June


  • VFI Stock Transfers -> April
  • Fulfillment -> April-May
  • Fulfillment completed -> June

A reminder that if you are in North or South America, your package will be fulfilled via USA or CAN hub.  Most other ROW shipments will go through the UK/EU hub.

StarDriven: Gateway is coming!

Todd Walsh and I have teamed up once again on a brand new sci-fi game that is coming to crowdfunding later this year!  It’s for 1-4 people and has both cooperative and competitive scenarios and we’ve been working on it for several years.  If you like Set a Watch, there’s a good chance you’ll like the mechanisms in this one as well.  Keep your eyes out for more information and follow the page for a free gift!

Doomed Run Resources

When you open up your copy of Doomed Run and look through the rulebook (the rulebook is SPOILER FREE), you will find a QR code and link to our free resources page where we’ve got extra save sheets, other downloads, and instructional videos. SPOILER WARNING: Some downloads may reveal things about the secret adventurers found in the box.  We’ve clearly labeled downloads as containing spoilers on the webpage.

One free resource that is a work in progress is the Compendium of Adventurers.  In this book, you will find an overview, rules and FAQ for EVERY Adventurer found in the Set a Watch series.  We went back through all our BGG threads to compile common questions around each adventurer all in one place.  This includes the new Secret Adventurers as they have some unique rules. We’ve done our best to guess at potential frequently asked questions for all of the new adventurers, but will continue to update this resource as players start enjoying the game and inevitably asking more questions in our official thread.

That’s it for now! I hope everyone is getting excited to jump into these new games in the next few weeks.  As always, thank you so much for your pledge and support.

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