BackerKit just got cheaper (but is still expensive)

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Yesterday, Backerkit announced new pricing and as predicted the πŸ’€ of Crowdox at the end of 2021. The good news is that it’s cheaper than their old pricing model, but not surprisingly is often more expensive than CrowdOx. The real bad news is that they still charge you a percentage of your funds raised on Kickstarter and that still sucks.

I’ve created a new calculator to estimate what each pledge manager may cost you moving forward. You’ll be able to see the old historic BK and Crowdox pricing near the bottom as well. I have to admit that it took me awhile to get this new calculator to work because the percentages Backerkit charges are on sliding scale and not fixed (i.e. they charge you 2% on your first $50k even if you raise $3m):

That last line there is quite good for all you Kingdom Death Monster type campaigns since it offers a substantial savings though $5 per backer is much more than’s $0.25 per backer fee. You can zero out shipping and PM sales if you really want to just compare concrete numbers from Kickstarter, but you can also estimate that you’ll raise 20% of your KS funds in Late Pledges using a PM. Anyways, feel free to play around with this new Pledge Manager cost estimator and see for yourself:

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