Swords of the Coin: Shipping Guesstimates

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This is the first of many Kickstarter updates that I’m going to start posting to our website/blog. Kickstarter locks updates after 30 minutes so this is a way for us to get our updates in front of more eyes and also be sure it contains accurate information:

Hey everyone! Todd and I are back from Origins.  It was a great show! Thank you to all the Set a Watch fans who stopped by and chatted with us.   We’re still getting caught up on everything that has happened in the past week, but the good news is that there was a lot of email chatter and info hitting our inboxes while we were gone…

Before I do a breakdown per region, let me remind everyone of two things:

1.) We do not control global shipping. Expect delays. We have given our fulfillment partners all the info they needed to complete fulfillment at the same time, but due to conditions outside of our control this project’s fulfillment will take longer and experience more delays than any project we’ve done before.  

2.) If you are lucky enough to be one of the first few people to get your rewards and something is wrong with your game or order, please be patient.  We still have thousands of backers that we’re focusing on to get their games safely across the ocean and into their hands.  We will post forms and methods to get any issues corrected in the coming weeks so please standby in the meantime.

Shipping Guesstimates


All of our product headed to North America is aboard the Seaspan Yangtze.  It was supposed to arrive in Seattle’s port 9/23 but is now sitting off the coast of Washington waiting with a projected arrival of October 15th.  Historically, when something arrived in port it took about 2 weeks to clear customs and get to our warehouse.  In this day and age, everyone should be prepared for delays, but let’s assume 3 weeks. Guesstimate on Fulfillment: Week of November 8th.


Canada is typically about 2 weeks behind the USA as we truck everything across the border to the local courier up there.  I don’t expect this to be drastically different this time; Fulfillment Guesstimate: 3rd week of November.


The EU/Europe shipment was released from the factory 9/27/2021.  I am still waiting on confirmation that it got on the boat, but was given an estimated arrival into the EU of November 11th. Fulfillment Guesstimate: December 2021UKI’m still waiting on confirmation that the UK shipment has been picked up from the factory and made its way to the port.  It was not picked up with the EU shipment.  Fulfillment Guesstimate: December 2021/January 2022


I’m still waiting on confirmation that the games have arrived at Aetherworks, but know they have been picked up from our factory. Fulfillment Guesstimate: November 2021


Shipping has begun!

When your package is processed, you should receive an email with tracking information.  When each hub completes fulfillment, I will upload the tracking numbers that I receive to Gamefound.

That’s it for now! We’ve got our fingers crossed that we get these games in our hands in time for PAX Unplugged in December. Until then, keep the fire burning and thank you for all of your patience!

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