Seas of Havoc: September Update

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This post originally appeared on the Seas of Havoc Kickstarter project page and is reposted here so that fans can keep up to date with Rock Manor Games projects. Late Pledges are still available.

Let’s get the bad news out of the way: no preproduction samples have been received yet… but they’re coming soon.  Instead we spent the past month hammering out all the player board issues (via white sample) so that you can slide your captain card into the player board (and hold it upside down) and it’s held there (instead of just laying it on top):

Not super exciting stuff… but totally necessary for production.

Game Progress

We got updated quotes, selected a factory and corrected some preproduction issues and are now ready to proceed with PPC samples and then onto production.

Estimated Timeline

As always, expect delays but here is an approximate timeline for things.  It’s been really hard to deliver a Kickstarter within a year since COVID, but while we may miss our expected delivery month – we’re shouldn’t be off by more than a month or so.  In the coming months, I should get a clear completion date from the factory.  

  • September 2022: Receive and approve PPC samples
  • October – November 2022: Production
  • December 20, 2022: Pledge Manager Locks! (late pledge here)
  • December – January 2022: Freight
  • February – March 2023: Fulfillment

That’s it for now, sorry it’s not a more exciting update. 

In Other News

Follow on Kickstarter!
Follow on Kickstarter!

We’ve got the Few and Cursed RPG, a Weird West supernatural roleplaying game, coming to Kickstarter next month and next year when you start playing Seas of Havoc, Set a Watch: Forsaken Isles should be launching on Kickstarter.

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