Merchants of Magick: May Update

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This post originally appeared on the Merchants of Magick: Dangerous Business and Draught of the Dragons Kickstarter page and is reposted here so that fans can keep up to date with Rock Manor Games projects.

Manufacturing is complete and the Pledge Manager is locked! We are in the process of arranging Freight and should have those details for you next month.  Please keep in mind that Addresses will lock later this month so that we can export and provide shipping hubs with addresses for planning/scheduling purposes.

Estimated Timeline

We are still ahead of schedule and on target to get these games to you over the summer. As we reach milestones, this timeline will continue to become more accurate, but keep in mind that delays can still happen and this is only an estimate.

  • May 2024: Arranging Freight
  • May 24 2024: Address Lock
  • June 2024: Freight Window
  • July – August 2024: Fulfillment Window

Customer Service: You can reach customer service at [email protected] via email, or you can open a ticket at

Maximum Apocalypse: the Video Game

There is a lot of big news to share this month.  First and foremost is that the official digital video game adaptation of Rock Manor Games’ Maximum Apocalypse, a 1-6-player cooperative roguelike adventure game is heading to Kickstarter and then Steam Early Access this summer!

Please be sure to click the follow button if you’re interested.  It will be really beneficial to get board gamers to make sure all the card effects are working accurately.  

StarDriven: Gateway

Our next board game will be the 1-4 player cooperative/competitive (depending on episode chosen) Starship and Crew management game, StarDriven: Gateway.  It’s coming to Gamefound and there’s a free gift if you follow that project now.  

More details will be shared over the summer and the game will be available to demo/play at GenCon.

All the best!

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