AlderQuest Launches on Kickstarter in November

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Unfortunately, we’re not going to be at Essen this year so consider this our Essen release. Check out the trailer for our upcoming 1-4 player area control game of animal guilds competing to find and match acorns before the start of winter: AlderQuest! We are happy to announce that AlderQuest will be coming to Kickstarter on November 19th at ~9am EST.

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If you’re going to Metatopia or PAX Unplugged, the game will be there for demo so you can really dig your teeth into everything. The trailer gives a nice overview of the game mechanics, but obviously we plan on sharing playthrough, rules and preview videos with you in the coming weeks.

My favorite thing about Ryan’s design is how you can focus on different aspects of the game which creates a really interesting push and pull between the match-3 board and the area control field. Feel free to post any of your burning questions below and we will be happy to answer them.

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