Seas of Havoc: November Update

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This post originally appeared on the Seas of Havoc Kickstarter project page and is reposted here so that fans can keep up to date with Rock Manor Games projects. Late Pledges are still available.

Thanks for everyone’s patience on this one, but we have lots of news and have made a ton of progress!  First things first, I received the Preproduction copy of the game a few weeks ago and filmed an unboxing going over all of the game components.  You can watch that video below:

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As far as preproduction goes, we approved the metal coins this week and just have to approve the plastic storage tray stretch goal before production can begin. 

Simplifying/Expediting the Project

We have been talking to our factory and are up against the Chinese New Year, so we are going to make a slight modification to all your rewards to simplify and expedite the project. It’s a minor thing, but it will actually save us a lot of time and money.  90% of our pledges and preorders have been for the Captain’s Deluxe Pledge (which includes all of the expansion content).  The remaining 10% of backers will get the core game and free Sea Monsters expansion.  By eliminating the “extra boxes” and packaging everything into the core box, we can greatly streamline production and simplify picking, packing and shipping.  I just want to make it clear to everyone that the content in your rewards will not change at all as a result of this change, but want to be transparent and let you know that we are planning to exclude the Sea Monster and Buried Treasure boxes to consolidate all of the content into one easy to fulfill box.  Remember that we have designed the core box and storage solution to fit all of the expansion content, so these expansion boxes likely would have been thrown out or hung around empty after putting all the content in the main box.  

Estimated Timeline

Working on getting an exact completion date from the Factory, but my account rep told me tha we should be able to get things finished before Chinese New Year holiday with the changes discussed.  Estimated timeline is projected below.  As always, these dates can change so pray that ocean freight runs smoothly through this holiday season.

  • November – December 2022: Production
  • December 20, 2022: Pledge Manager Locks! (late pledge here)
  • January 2022: Freight
  • February – March 2023: Fulfillment

Thanks so much for your patience.  The next update will be in early December after Thanksgiving and PAX Unplugged.  Until then, we will be hard at work firming up all of these dates with the factory.

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