Seas of Havoc – March Update

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This post originally appeared on the Seas of Havoc Kickstarter project page and is reposted here so that fans can keep up to date with Rock Manor Games projects.


This is your final warning that addresses on Gamefound will be locking this Friday on March 3rd.  This is your final chance to change your address before we ship out your reward.  You can change your address by logging in and going to your backed projects on and finding your pledge for Seas of Havoc.

Fulfillment Progress

Fulfillment will be starting in each region over the coming weeks.  Here is a quick overview of each region’s fulfillment status and estimated Fulfillment window.  Keep in mind delays at customs/ports etc. can adjust things here and there.  Different fulfillment partners have different project queues as well so once our products get there some may be slower/faster than others.


No Ocean Freight to track here, but we will be passing along backer shipping data to VFI to start the process on Monday of next week.  Asia typically gets the jump on other regions when it comes to starting but takes a bit longer to complete across all the different countries.  Shipping expected to start in March.

Australia / New Zealand: ETA MARCH/APRIL

VFI will be handling the shipment down to Aetherworks.  Typically, it takes a few weeks to get down there and processed so keep an eye on Aetherworks weekly updates on their Facebook page.  We expect shipping to start here in late March / early April.

North America: ETA APRIL

Games headed for North America are aboard the MSC BEATRICE with an estimated arrival into port on March 17th.  From there, things will be trucked to St. Louis so that Miniature Market can package and ship out the rewards. Keep in mind it can take a few weeks to clear customs and get on a fulfillment partners dispatch schedule, so expect shipments to start dispatching late March or early April.


If you’re looking to track the vessel, all of the games are aboard the APL MERLION with an expected arrival into port on March 28th.  Typically it takes 1-2 weeks to clear customs and arrive at the distribution hub and another week or so for GamesQuest to schedule the project and start packaging/shipping.  GamesQuest has a blog where they post updates about each project and their current queue.  Expect shipments to start dispatching mid-April.

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